Charles Wainger


I can’t say I’m Washington born and raised, it sin’t completely true. In the summer of 1989, when I was three, my parents drove cross country from Brooklyn to Redmond, WA.

A team mate, from my junior high soccer team, family sold my parents their late grandmothers ranch on Union Hill. The home was once a cattle farm with a large garden in which, rumor has it, the grandmother had passed. 

Well, I grew up, and I moved to Ellensburg to attend Central Washington University. I graduated with honors in 2009, spent the summer in Spain, and moved to Seattle. When I returned I had little luck finding jobs in my field, print journalism, so I worked produce at Puget Community Co-Op, painted, and played in bands. I became fascinated with homesteading while reading Steinbeck, Farley Mowat, and Jack London novels, inspiring me to house chickens in the backyard of my small rented Ravenna home. I erected raised bed gardens, tended them, and reaped my reward of greens.

Eventually I moved on from PCC. For a year I managed an urban feed and farm store on Roosevelt. During this time I created and directed a farm at my childhood camp in Granite Falls. The remainder of the year I filled labor jobs at local farms; so I’d return to camp with something new to try.

After six years I decided I was meant to farm and set out to make a living at it.

So, I moved back to Union Hill, to my childhood home. I started Rain Dog Farm in the spring of 2018. I began producing microgreens for two local restaurants. Then more restaurants signed on; I grew my varietals, and began deliveries to Seattle. Now in the beginning of its second season Rain Dog will be continuing microgreens, while producing salad mixes, edible flowers, and root vegetables for over a dozen restaurants.